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Transform Your Patio

KGA Construction is the go-to patio enclosure supplier in Sacramento, CA, providing exquisite solutions to elevate your outdoor experience. Dive into the warm embrace of their Lattice Roof, striking the perfect harmony between sunlight and shelter. This customizable haven ensures year-round comfort with various lattice styles, from the classic "straight look" to the enchanting Weatherwood® options. Their Lattice Rafter Tail Ends, including Scallop, Corbel, Miter, or the distinctive Bevel Cut, add a touch of character to your oasis. Experience the charm of outdoor surroundings while staying protected with KGA Construction. They provide an avenue for crafting lasting memories with a touch of elegance.

Year-Round Comfort

Discover unmatched versatility with KGA Construction, your go-to construction company in Sacramento, CA. Introducing the Solid Non-Insulated Roof, this innovative solution ensures uninterrupted outdoor enjoyment in every season. Revel in the beauty of your surroundings while remaining shielded from the elements. The Solid Non-Insulated Roof offers total shade, blending the luxurious aesthetic of real wood with the unparalleled durability of high-grade aluminum. With this addition, KGA Construction provides a seamless way to embrace continuous shade, allowing you to create a stylish and comfortable outdoor space throughout the changing seasons. Choose KGA Construction for a construction experience that combines sophistication, reliability, and year-round comfort.

The Livability of Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, CA, boasts a diverse and thriving environment, contributing to its livability. The city offers urban amenities, natural beauty, access to the Sacramento River, numerous parks, and a pleasant climate. Residents enjoy a variety of cultural attractions, including museums, theaters, and historical sites, reflecting the city's rich history. Sacramento's education system, with reputable schools and universities, adds to its appeal for families. The local economy is diverse, with healthcare, government, and technology opportunities. While the cost of living can vary, the city's affordability compared to other California cities enhances its overall livability. Sacramento's commitment to sustainability, recreational opportunities, and cultural richness makes it a desirable place to call home.

California State Capitol Museum in Sacramento, CA

The California State Capitol Museum is a significant landmark representing the state's political and historical legacy. With its neoclassical architecture, the Capitol building houses the legislative chambers and serves as the seat of government. Visitors can explore the museum to delve into California's rich history through exhibits and artifacts from its early days to contemporary times. The surrounding Capitol Park offers a tranquil setting with gardens and monuments. The State Capitol is open to the public, providing educational opportunities and a chance to witness legislative sessions. It symbolizes civic pride and historical preservation, inviting residents and tourists to appreciate the state's political heritage.

Arden Arcade Chick-fil-A Reopens With New Drive-thru Lane and Updated Interior

The recent renovations at Arden Arcade Chick-fil-A underscore the importance of updating business establishments. Adapting to evolving customer tastes and industry trends, businesses frequently invest in updates to enhance the overall customer experience. In the case of Chick-fil-A in Arden Arcade, these renovations may include modernizing the interior, upgrading technology for efficient service, or implementing changes to align with sustainable practices. Such updates not only contribute to the aesthetics of the establishment but also play a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. Staying current with industry standards ensures that businesses remain competitive in the market, demonstrating a commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of their clientele.

Driving Direction

California State Capitol Museum
1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States

Get on I-80BL E from 15th St
6 min (1.5 mi)

Take US-50 E to Watt Ave. Take exit 11 from US-50 E
6 min (6.1 mi)

Continue on Watt Ave. Drive to Fair Oaks Blvd in Arden-Arcade
3 min (1.4 mi)

3626 Fair Oaks Blvd Suite #183, 
Sacramento, CA 95864, United States

Transform Your Patio

KGA Construction is the go-to patio enclosure supplier in Sacramento, CA, providing exquisite solutions to elevate your outdoor experience....